Natural Kids

On this page I will discuss topics such as conception, pregnancy, child birth, child rearing, schooling and unschooling etc. Basically everything I want to discuss about children and being natural, hence the page title: Natural kids =)

You can also find a list of great books at the bottom of this page. Learn and Love!


1) Green list - baby gear (everything you need for baby - green alternatives)


1) Home-made MUSLIN NAPPIES tutorial!

2) Home-made cloth wipes

3) Home-made Wipe-pouch (to carry them around in your bag without dirtying them)
4) Home-made wet/dry bag (to carry those wet wipes and wet, dirty nappies when you're out and about)


Conception and Pregnancy:

Heaven under your feet - Pregnancy for Muslim women by Umm Hasan bint Salim (I found this book very helpful and simple. Some good tips on how to go through pregnancy spiritually and naturally.)

Nurturing your baby's soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (This book is so soft and beautiful. A must read when pregnant and if it's not too late, then read it before you conceive then carry on reading it during pregnancy. So beneficial and deep and spiritual and absolutely brilliant. Good advice and reassuring.)


Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn (I live for unconditional parenting. As a woman I sense that I have been created for care and particularly child care. Getting to know the idea of 'unconditional parenting' and moving away from the modern idea of parenting really set me free. I now know that my gut feeling of being 'normal' with kids and treating them as human beings rather than a sort of sub-species was the best way and it helped me to be open with the way I love and treat children instead of trying to fit in with other parents and 'disciplining' kids.)


The Unschooling Unmanual by 8 writers, including John Holt (This is a small book [88 pages] or manual, of how to unschool and why, with basic directions and explanations. Easy to read and a good reference.)

How children fail by John Holt (Great analysis of children in school. This book is written by an ex-school teacher, in a form of diary and notes from the days when he was still teaching in a primary school. John is THE reference for unschooling.)

How children learn by John Holt (Another book by John Holt, following the first one. He writes in a way that always leaves you wanting more because you just sit there thinking "this is so true", "why have I been acting this way with my kids?!". He is learning along the way and helps adults to remember what it was like to be a kid and it helps us to re-learn how to be around them. Great book.)

Teach your own by John Holt and Pat Farenga (This book is about home-schooling and unschooling. This is great if you've decided that you want to take your kids out of school or simply want to know more before acting on impulse. Some more great stories and a lot of support.)

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