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I'm not a doctor, but on this page I will discuss natural remedies that I tested myself and have worked for me. I find these alternatives online and in books. There is great book that I use a lot: Natural Healing with herbs by Humbart Santillo. I bought it on ebay or amazon, not too expensive and yet it's so useful and is a great reference. A must in a natural home! =)

MUST HAVE INGREDIENTS, read this post to get an idea of what ingredients you should have lying around your 'lab' (most likely kitchen) in order to create all the lovely, natural alternatives and remedies.


1) Immune system boost drink (hemp and kalonji seeds)

2) Proper sleep! (tips on helping sleep)


1) Lip care: Shea butter home-made lip balm

2) Eco, homemade handkerchiefs
3) The super easy hankie-pouch to go with it! (to make sure your hankies don't get dirty in your hand bag!)

4) The wet/dry Bag (to carry the hankies once they're wet and dirty if you find nowhere to wash them while you're out and about)


1) NITS AND LICE - getting rid of them naturally and other information

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