Monday, 10 February 2014

Introduction to the blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first and only blog, and this is my first post.

On this blog I will post about how I try to be a natural and green woman.

This is the introduction to my blog and here are some of the aspects of my life that will or could be discussed:

I am vegetarian,
      - gluten intolerant
      - Religious and have a routine of prayers and rituals (daily, monthly and yearly)
      - a mother's help and look after children
      - sleep early and get up early
      - do not use shampoo or toothpaste
      - believe in the unschooling method and do not agree with the modern education and child rearing 'systems'
      - make my own clothes
      - use green methods when it comes to feminine hygiene
and generally try to be as healthy and mindful as possible.

There are other ways too, in which I try to live naturally and spiritually, and I will be blogging about my ways, my experiences and I hope I will learn more from others posting on the blog too.

You can read all my posts by clicking on a post title on the right-hand side of the blog page under the Month titles OR you can find all the posts organized in sections such as "Green body hygiene" or "spiritual life" on the different pages of the blog. So whatever is easiest for you. When I read other people's blogs, I find it easier to look on the different pages to find a post I'm interested in.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please leave any feedback or tips of your own so we can all share and learn from each other as much as we can.

Thanks for being here!
Peace be with you!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Feminine Hygiene! Go with the (societal) flow or look for an alternative?

How to go green and natural when it comes to feminine hygiene!

This post shows how to make very simplistic home-made menstrual pads. If you want a more absorbent, no spill, highly effective menstrual pad, which is still easy to make but takes more time, effort and materials... but worth it, then go HERE :)

So after deciding to go "no toilet paper", I decided to go without pads or tampons. The reason? Same one. Pollution. Pads, tampons, and nappies are major contributors to world pollution, it's crazy! Imagine how many are used every single day, by every single woman in the world... and so imagine in a year? a lifetime? Well to top this, did you know that once it's been created there's no going back! Every single one of these pads and tampons will exist for ever! (almost) So I was like "say what? I ain't using those no more!".

So after lots of research, I realised there are lots of alternatives to those and there is quite some choice to suit every woman, so I would suggest you shop around online and see what you like, maybe try out several options before sticking to one. Up to you. There are cups, reusable pads, natural tampons made of natural sponge... all sorts really.

Now I don't like spending money on something I can make myself so I'll tell you what I use during that time of the month.

I bought a few flannels (small square towels) which I fold in 3, to make it thicker and place in my underwear. The flannel/towel material is very absorbent so it works very well. I bought pink and purple ones so that the blood stains don't look to nasty! When I need to change the towel, I wash it by hand (with water and detergent) and put it to dry either on the radiator in the winter or air-dry in the summer, and put a clean one in my knickers, then do that again and again till the end of my menstruation week. At the end of the week I machine wash them. (You can make loads if you want so you can machine wash them directly. I only made 3 so that's why I wash them by hand... I wouldn't have time to wait to fill of load of washing between each pad change!) In the night I place an orange towel in my bed in case of overflow because these flannels don't have extra absorbent chemicals that store-bought pads have - which is one reason I stopped using them. Those pads are so absorbent that they suck the blood out of you which means you end up having a heavier period than you would have naturally! Why do they even make stuff like that? It's like 'they' want women to suffer even more than we already do! Seriously if you haven't already then you need to do some research!

Another even cheaper way is to cut 20x20cm squares out of an old towel and do the same process. Using a white towel won't look too good but if you do your own laundry then it doesn't matter so much.

If this doesn't work for you and you want something more sophisticated then read THIS post, about how to make a menstrual pad with a sewing machine and make it look cool and really waterproof and absorbent.

Peace out! :-)